April Richon Jacobs Art Advisory LLC provides “academic quality” provenance research for museums, galleries, auction houses and private collectors using the highest caliber of academic research. I received my rigorous academic training at the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, and many of my former classmates are leading museum professionals, curators and tenured professors.

Why does provenance research matter? Provenance research can add value, insight and joy to your collection. I often uncover previously unknown exhibition history and find archival photographs as part of my research.

April Richon Jacobs Art Advisory LLC also designs promotional brochures and luxurious coffee-table books for preserving the legacy of the discerning collector. Collections are carefully built over a lifetime, and these legacy books are a beautiful and stylish way to record, organize and show off your collection. I include a thumb drive with all the original invoices along with the most current appraisal in a discreet tab at the back of the book.

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